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You Know What’s Sexy? A Real Conversation

There are a lot of different kinds of conversations, that people can have. There is small talk, light head conversations, or conversations about some topical things such as school, news or work.

But there is also one kind of conversation that’s …

If You Want To Be Trusted, Be Honest

Of course, everybody is keeping some cards really close to their chest. It is absolutely normal. People might get judgemental, and there are just some things that we don’t like being judged about. However, here is the reality of the …

The Life Lessons Many Of Us Learn Too Late

The lessons we’ve learned in our lives are always full of wisdom because they are learned through hardship — sometimes through mistakes, trial, and experience, and sometimes they involve sweat and bitter tears.

The hardest part about this process is understanding …

Loyal Friends

5 Reasons You are Attracting Haters but it’s not Your Fault

You have an interesting life.

Haters show up in your life for many reasons, that cannot be helped. One of the main reasons is because you have an interesting life.

People will …