The Healing Power Of Finding Humor In Difficult Situations

Are you one of those who find humor and lightness even in the darkest of times?

Being able to look on the bright side during hard times is a real blessing. It means that you are emotionally strong and intelligent, to handle any situation or challenge that life brings you.

Every day we face new obstacles, sometimes we absolutely have no idea how to deal with them. Our mind gets a little knotted, our heart becomes broken in many pieces, and our life becomes a total mess. The road of adulthood is very bumpy, and holds countless unexpected situations, which we need to overcome and handle.

Sometimes, these situations can be quite devastating.

But, the ones who can find humor in those times, are usually those who can overcome it without a doubt.

They are totally mindful, and they flawlessly see how senseless it is when individuals consider themselves responsible for the things they have no influence over. Also, these individuals are mindful enough to recognize that regardless of how old they will be, they are as yet developing, learning, and improving. 

For the most part, individuals will in general reprimand themselves for their downsides and missteps, rather than attempting to gain from them. They once in a while understand that these mix-ups, alongside the choices and decisions they make, are molding their entire future. However, not every one of them. There are still a few people who have the care to change over their deficiencies into important life exercises, and their agony into humor.

Mankind’s biggest blessing, is humor -- Mark Twain.

Having a good sense of humor in today’s perplexing society, is pretty rare.

That is the reason just a couple can genuinely comprehend the profundity of the brain of somebody who can joke around in any event, when their heart’s dying. Also, just a couple of realize that chuckling has the ability to recuperate any injured soul. 

There is humor in nearly everything right now. Indeed, even in the manner in which we break each other’s hearts. Glancing back at your past connections, isn’t it interesting how you nearly made due with individuals who had nothing to offer you? Isn’t it totally silly how you thought you will be with your first love for an incredible remainder, while they abused you, deceived you, and underestimated you? 

We run from adoration just to search for it somewhere else, and customarily, this stalls out into a genuinely tiring circle we accept we can’t escape. In any case, when we really receive in return, we perceive how blinded our hearts were succumbing to an inappropriate people. However, we continue giving and adoring in light of the fact that we trust that in the end, all the endeavors will be justified, despite all the trouble. And keeping in mind that we think back on our past decisions, there would one say one is principle felt that surfaces in our brains: “What were you thinking?!” 

Would you like to know what else is funny? 

-- The way we’re holding on to the past, unable to just let go and move on with our lives.

It’s amusing in light of the fact that we are purposefully returning to what once hurt us, and we accept something very similar will presently mend us. We get back with the individual that harmed us the most trusting they could never do it again. Be that as it may, in all actuality, we can’t recuperate in a similar unfriendly condition that got us wiped out. It’s preposterously ludicrous just to consider it. 

Also, perhaps the most clever things of everything is the means by which we take ourselves also darn genuine. We will in general think about everything so literally, and we go through months or even years being hopeless over something significantly temporary. However, in the long run, something advises us that we’re not going to be on this Earth until the end of time. Something destroying, for example, the demise of somebody we love, occurs, and we understand how trivial our day by day battles are.

Even through death, life is reminding us that we’re nothing but humans. It is enlightening us that we must cherish each second we have left, because you can never know when would the last one be. And it is teaching us that a good sense of humor and a kind, and generous heart is everything we need to get through this life like winners.



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