Pay Attention To How People Treat You. It’s A Reflection Of Who They Really Are

Pay attention to how people treat you!

A lot of people are keeping secrets about themselves, away from the day light. A lot of their awareness of self is kept inside, therefore not to reveal their innermost workings. It is some sort of a defensive mechanism against exposure to unfriendly judgement. However, if you know what to look for, you might begin to identify what are people actually trying to hide.

Some times, their sense of self is coming out in the form of an aggression toward others. If you listen and watch closely, you might see some people revealing their shortcomings, by trying to lob some accusations at you.

Cheaters are going to accuse you of cheating.

Have you ever been accused of cheating in your life? I myself have. However, it turns out that the one who’s doing the accusing is actually the one doing the cheating. I don’t entirely understand why. It might be that they just want to even the score (guilt), therefore it seems like I was just bad as they were.

At the very moment, I went in defense mode. Of course I have not cheated. However, later on after the end of the relationship I realized what actually was happening. I was shown something I didn’t know before. By making me a cheater, I was catching a glimpse of a very ugly inner truth.

Liars will say you are a liar!

In the absencee of proof, just you realize when you’re lying and just you realize when you’re coming clean. What others detract from that involves their capacity (or lackthereof) to confide in you. In the event that somebody says you’re a liar or you’re lying about something, regardless of whether you know you’re not, odds are they’re giving you something important to them. 

Much the same as with the swindling conduct, the thought is to avoid consideration from themselves and their own propensities to lie about things. Also, on the off chance that you got trapped in an untruth, the scales would be adjusted. Their untruths would appear to be less dreadful. In actuality, in the event that you realize what you’re searching for, you can peg them as the liar they are and turn the tables. 

Insecure individuals will make you feel Insecure!

At that point there are individuals who feel shaky so they do whatever they can to make others, including you, have a sense of safety about themselves. This is the conduct that is at the core of each harasser’s inward intricate. Most harassers have been tormented themselves and want to let poo move downhill, as it were. 

As a rule, the comments that cause you to feel unreliable about yourself are unobtrusive. Yet, in case you’re listening cautiously, you’ll notice that they’re opening up a window that shows you their most profound uncertainties. Be that as it may, don’t weaponize it! Attempt to slice to the core of their instabilities and develop them. Try not to punch down.

The way people are treating you, is a reflection of who they really are.

At the end of the day, a lot of the mistreatment that you get from people, is just something they are worried about, or do themselves, or feel about themselves!

When you are being accused of doing something that’s not true, they are not really accusing you of anything. They are admitting something, without knowing.

So, you might want to listen a bit closer.



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