Not Every Journey Is About Finding Love. Sometimes It’s About Finding Yourself.

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Every fairytale ends up with the princes finding the charming prince and the breathtaking love. Why nobody tells us what is happening after the magical moment? So you are telling me that my life is going to be purposeful and wholesome, only if I find this love of the dreams?

Is finding love the purpose of each journey?

And by finding love, I mean meeting that person who is going to turn your life around, and make you feel emotions that you never knew you had. The one you’ll want to spend your life with, happily ever after. The one who is going to fill all the missing pieces of your own puzzle.

Right now, you’re probably confused. you have a lot of love within you, and everything you want to is give it to somebody. But nobody is ready to receive it. You feel like everybody else has a special someone, except you. And perhaps you wonder why you’re struggling so much, to find your soulmate. All of this will make you feel incomplete, and sometimes worthless.

Guess what? You don’t feel anybody to feel complete.

What if now is not the time to find your true love? What if you need to find yourself first, have you thought about that?

Possibly what you really need right currently is to connect with yourself. At this piece of your excursion, you have to invest some quality energy in your own organization. You have to encounter the world through your own focal points. Grasp your actual nature. 

This hasn’t got anything to do with finding love, it’s all about you now.

You are given the astonishing opportunity to begin carrying on with your life the manner in which you’ve for a long while been itching to. To get yourself, you should initially lose yourself. So go investigate the globe, state ‘yes’ to experiences, commit a couple of errors in transit. Find what brings you satisfaction. You should simply figure out how to be distant from everyone else without feeling forlorn. 

Maybe right now, your own journey is about finding the real you.

This doesn’t mean you are never going to discover love. Perhaps now isn’t the opportune time for it. Possibly life is setting you up for more prominent things. Or on the other hand maybe love is sitting tight for you to grow up and experience some basic life exercises until you are prepared to completely acknowledge it in your life. 

At the present time, life is testing you. You have to experience this, to turn into the individual you constantly needed to be. When you understand that, you will greet those difficulties wholeheartedly. 

It’s the ideal opportunity for you to comprehend that you are not brought into the world with the sole strategic be somebody’s other half. You are not a half, you are an entire individual. Perhaps this piece of your excursion is here to advise you that to cherish another person, you first need to figure out how to adore yourself.

So, instead of waiting for the fairytale, imaginary love to call you at your door, learn how to be happy all by yourself. Invest all the energy in doing the things that you enjoy the most. Give some of the love you keep for somebody else, to yourself!

Self-love is essential for self-growth. Embrace that.

Everybody wants to live in a magical land, where love is the answer to all of the questions. The truth is, all of the answers are within you. You only need to find yourself.



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