I Don’t Care If You’ve Stood With The Great. Have You Sat With The Broken?

I am not interested in whether you have stood with the great. I am interested in whether you have sat with the broken -- Sue Fitzmaurice.

The quote above by Sue Fitzmaurice is one of the most famous quotes of all time. It embodies something very powerful, that many people follow it without even realizing. When you think about all the leaders and kings that have ruled throughout the history, only a few, if any of them, are regarded as worth living.

However, look to any religion, minor or major, and you are going to find fairly common theme. The prophets and messiahs, while very much fallible and human, have all worked toward the same end.

The Buddha, who saw the great human suffering, taught a way to be relieved from the Earthly suffering. The Prophet Muhammad, was a strong and courageous leader, however merciful and focused on keeping the peace for the people. Jesus Christ was also famous for sitting with the broken, shunning organized religion, and the rich elite who was taking everything and giving back nothing.

There is a reason these leaders are revered by their followers.

These individuals, for whom whole religions are based around, yielded their time as living individuals for the advancement of others. They each sat with the broken when they full well didn’t need to. Buddha could have kept on being a well off, influential man. 

Christ could have unobtrusively carried on with a real existence as a carpenter. Muhammad could have worked as a shipper. However, they all picked something different, and that is the wellspring of our respect for them. 

For me, I search for a similar soul in the people I meet. Do you siphon up the influential individuals you’re associated with or unobtrusively surrender portions of your life to enable the individuals who to have less? 

What you do for the broken matters.

Despite the manner in which you may consider the world, it’s undeniably true that, especially in created nations, there’s a developing difference between the rich and every other person. Indeed, even normal individuals who’ve done everything right are one unfortunate turn of events from complete ruin. 

Yet, the circumstance is improved by individuals with enormous hearts acting in compliance with common decency attempting to do what they can to help. Chipping in their time, sorting out nourishment drives, and through activity convincing others to do likewise. 

At that point there are other people who are centered around number one: themselves. It is such a great deal less alluring to see someone encircle themselves with the greats and totally disregard the broken.

I don’t care about your connections, I want to know about your connectedness.

It does not matter to me who you’ve met, who you’ve got an awesome selfie with, or who you know. It only matters to me the broken people that you have sat with. The poor, the hungry, the downtrodden, the suffering. That is the mark of an amazing person, to sit with the broken in this way.



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