For The Cost Of An iPhone, You Can Now Buy A Wind Turbine That Can Power Your Entire Home For A Lifetime

The human detrimental behavior, has brought the world to a point of no return, therefore we’re not advised to take immediate steps, and at least stop the damaging actions to solve the problem, and prevent additional disasters.

Climate change is very threatening to our world and for our future generations too, as the Earth is entering an environmental crisis. The energy production is one of the first steps we should take in order to make a change, and an Indian startup has decided to break the ice and go first.

An international startup company named Avant Garde Innovations, with a ‘Green’ Heart & Soul’, which was founded by the brothers Anoop and Arun George from Kerala, have designed an affordable wind turbine, which is suitable for rural, agricultural, commercial, and residential settings.

According to the website of the company:

For the price of a smartphone, you can get a small wind turbine, that can power your farms, offices, or homes.

This wind turbine, named ‘AVATAR™ -- I’ makes clean energy reasonable for everybody, and the objective of the beginning up is to eliminate energy poverty, lessen reliance on battling state power lattices and make energy self-sufficiency for all the penniless ones through disseminated, restricted and moderate sustainable power source. 

In doing so, we think together we can usher in our world a much cleaner environment, social change, and economic prosperity.

Vanguard Innovations accepts that for a powerful effect on nature, all individuals ought to have equivalent access to clean energy. Their turbine is little, about the size of a roof fan, however it can deliver from 1 to 5 kilowatts of intensity day by day, which is sufficient for a solitary home. 

The one-time charge to purchase “AVATAR™ – I” is $899, and they” convey overall by means of sea cargo, accessible at additional expense upon demand.” 

Symbol is additionally accessible in two additional limits, AVATAR™ – III ((3kW) at the cost of $2,430.00, and AVATAR™ – V (5kW), that costs $4,045.00. 

The organization educated us that they are “now getting ready to have a worldwide system of Distribution built up across U. S, E. U, Africa, Middle East and Australia.” 

Arun reported: 

Speculators are additionally intrigued on the grounds that the structure holds the guarantee of being executed as hydel or tidal turbines, as well. It could likewise be changed over into a vehicle engine after specific adjustments.

Their wind turbine has given the organization a spot in the Top 20 Cleantech Innovations in India, and the organization has additionally been recorded among the 10 clean energy organizations from India for the “UN Sustainable Energy For All” activity under the one-billion dollar clean energy investment opportunity index and among the Top 100 Global Startups of the world at the NEWENERGY Global Startup Fest, Astana, Kazakhstan. 

AVATAR™ Wind Turbine was additionally picked among the Top 20 innovations at UN Innovations Summit 2019.

The company stated:

Our main goal is to introduce sustainable, affordable, and innovative solutions which make renewable energy self-sufficiency, and energy empowerment to a whole new level through a decentralized and distributed approach, using pioneering strategies, which the world haven’t seen until now.

Meanwhile, all of us can contribute to healing our own environment.

Consider switching your car for an electric one, don’t forget to unplug devices that you don’t use which still use small amounts of electricity, install solar panels on your roof, track your energy use with the help of some phone applications.



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