You Deserve Someone Who Chooses You Over Everyone Else, No Matter The Circumstances

I will not try to convince you to respect me, love me, to commit to me. I deserve far better than that, and I am better than that, goodbye! -- Steve Maraboli.

You deserve someone in life who chooses you above everything else.

A person who kisses you when they wake up.

Somebody who’s going to cuddle with you and comfort you any time you feel down. Somebody who chooses you to make breakfast with, instead of ordering something when you go outside.

You deserve someone who chooses you no matter what.

You deserve somebody for whom you’ll shine brighter than the sun itself. A person that can’t wait to come see you, with the prettiest bouquet of roses, only to make you smile. 

Somebody who does everything they can to make you happier. Somebody who prefers to spend time with you and enjoys spending each moment with you, because it’s beautiful. Somebody that is never going to make you feel unwanted!

You deserve somebody who chooses you above all else.

You deserve an individual who picks just you when the sun sets down. An individual who gives you the most exciting inclination as you both soften into one another. An individual who is truly inspired by what you need to state and eagerly listens when you educate them concerning your day. Somebody you essentially can’t stand by to impart your most recent news to. Somebody who makes your heart yell happiness.A individual who picks you paying little mind to the hour of day. 

But more importantly, you deserve someone who chooses to be by your side, when the storms of life start knocking on the door.

A person who won’t consider the tempest to wreck the home you have constructed together. An individual who will consistently keep you warm regardless of how cool life may get. Somebody who imparts the umbrella to you yet at the same time holds it up to protect you.

You deserve somebody who knows how to lift your spirit up when you’re at your lowest.

Don’t ever let anyone stop you from believing you deserve this happiness. Because you do deserve someone who chooses you, with all your past mistakes, wounds, faults, and all the negative and positive things that make you the person you are.

You deserve someone who chooses nobody else, but you!



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